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Gumboots and Grasshopper has the most welcoming atmosphere. Children and family’s get a true sense of belonging and become part of an extended family. They have a spacious outdoor area with a beautiful rural feel. Indoors is just as spacious and set out in a perfect way for children to utilise and explore. I would recommend Gumboots and grasshoppers to everyone.


Gumboots and Grasshoppers is one of the best if not THE BEST Centre in the Waikato. From the day we enrolled our son we felt like we as a family belonged. The amazing staff let you feel so welcome and they along with the managing team are really friendly. I love how the teachers always have time to talk to parents at drop off and pick up times. Our son loves going in the mornings and is learning lots of new things. I highly recommend Gumboots and Grasshoppers.

Michelle T

We love Gumboots and Grasshoppers daycare. When our daughter first started, the team were wonderful at welcoming not only her, but our family as well and we instantly felt a part of the G&G community. We love that the staff are always smiling and extremely friendly, it really helps the day start off wonderfully especially when it can be emotional at drop off time. The decor and environment is fresh and natural which also helps give a relaxed and comfortable feel to the centre. Our older son loves the outdoor area and often asks to be left there to play instead of going to school! There are lots of indoor and outdoor activities to keep the children entertained and again the set up of the outdoor area feels really good and inviting - full disclosure: I love the outdoor area so much I would love to be able to stay and play there too! We love that there are also evenings put on by the Centre that bring the families together and help create a wonderful vibe to connect the wider community. It has been great to get to know not only staff but children and parents too. I also think it’s awesome that there is time spent in the wider community which helps build confidence and empathy towards others and the community as a whole. Our daughter loves going and will often blow kisses to the building/centre when leaving saying “I love you daycare! See you tomorrow!” We highly recommend Gumboots and Grasshoppers!


Thank you for all the support and care you have shown not only to my kids but also everyone in the community! Both boys love the outside area at gumboots & grasshoppers and cant wait to tell me all about their day when it’s pick up time. They love exploring outside and looking after the animals. The years they have spent at gumboots has had such a positive impact on there learning & development preparing them for school. I can’t speak highly enough of how awesome the team at gumboots are! Thanks again :) 


The move to Gumboots & Grasshoppers has been such a great thing for our family, our children have thrived in the environment. The staff are passionate about the care of our children and this shows in the relationships they have built with not only the children but us as parents as well. We feel very lucky to be in a centre with such an amazing facility, the children love the expansive outdoor area where they can interact with all ages. Nothing is ever to much trouble, the team here have been such a great support for us as working parents.


I have two boys currently attending Gumboots and Grasshoppers, aged 2 and 5 months. Enrolling them here has been one of my best decisions, I know that sending children to daycare can be daunting and fill you with the mum guilts but I haven’t once felt that way here. My boys have absolutely loved it from the start, I dare any child to not be drawn to the outdoor play area here, my little boy didn’t even look back at me when I said goodbye, he was off. The rural and country setting was a big draw card for us as it made us feel like the kids weren’t all on top of each other in small rooms and playgrounds. They have so much space to run around and have extra opportunities provided, such as, feeding the farm animals on site. The teachers go above and beyond for the children as well as the parents both in their professionalism, friendliness and communication. We love following our boys development on the online portal provided and enjoy feeling like we are always in the loop with what’s happening within the centre. My toddler looks forward to his time there and comes home bursting with stories about his day, we drive out of our way to attend this daycare and have absolutely no qualms with this whatsoever. Thank you for making parenting so much easier for us by being so helpful, gracious and warm towards our children. Our toddler especially has come home with new words, songs and a greater understanding of life since starting there. We look forward to being a part of the centre for many more years to come. 


My daughter has attended Gumboots and Grasshoppers from opening day, we love it there. With the wonderful team and great learning opportunities with farm animals she has learnt to be a kind, caring and beautifully natured girl and the team nurture this for all the children attending. I would recommend this Centre to anyone! I cannot wait for my other babies to join! 


We joined Gumboots and Grasshoppers in March of 2018 when our little boy was 2.5 years, and have loved it from day dot. Settling in easily with the primary care approach, and developing a strong bond with the wonderful Toddler’s Head Teacher, he instantly felt at home. As you walk into the centre you are greeted by an unexpected calmness and a sort of organised chaos (not to say the kids aren’t having a blast running around like mad things) however, the environment with wide open spaces, well equiped and spacious rooms, (real!) grass, sandpit, bike track, climbing frames and friendly farm animals create a pretty awesome space for him to adventure and explore. We have worked with his teaching team to create goals and opportunities for him to grow his understanding and knowledge base, which will prepare him for school and life. He has been encouraged to follow any passions he has, which in turn the team have taken the time to explore together with him the big WHY (which preschoolers love to ask!) behind how things work or are the way they are. Both management and teachers have made a point of getting to know us and our family, and we have felt part of the greater family since the beginning. With our youngest enrolled and about to begin, we know she will be loved and looked after by the wonderful team. 

Hannah D

Gumboots & Grasshoppers have been so welcoming with our daughter making her feel right at home, the teachers are loving and the facilities are wonderful.


My youngest is at Gumboots & Grasshoppers and absolutely loves it!  There’s so much space to run around and enjoy as well as plenty of focussed, creative activities. The staff are genuinely interested and care about the kids and are always incredibly easy to talk to about even the smallest things. I’ve found the whole team really flexible and supportive at every milestone for my daughter: from her determinedly giving up naps to potty training – the team were great.  I really do feel as though my daughter’s every developmental and emotional need is met and I have 100% confidence and trust in the team that they will care for her as I do.  Gumboots and Grasshoppers are friendly, welcoming, nurturing and - importantly for our family – flexible!  My daughter has loved her time at nursery and (now) pre-school, to the point that during the holidays she’s nagging me about “Is it preschool day today? When can I go back..?”   


The teachers at G&G are like family to us. The outdoor space is fantastic and each room is set up with different activities every day. Both my kids love this place, making leaving them there for the day easy. I can’t recommend G&G highly enough.


Our family loves Gumboots and Grasshoppers! The centre is beautiful and offers such a wide variety of learning opportunities for the children. We love how freely the children can express themselves and get really hands on with their learning. Our favourite part is how up to date we are kept through photos and stories about our child and what he does with his day, it brightens our day to see our little man so at home with his teachers and friends. 


We are in our second year at Gumboots and Grasshoppers and feel so fully supported by the warm, caring and friendly staff, who work hands on encouraging all aspects of play, learning and social confidence. They are always approachable and I like that they have individual time with every child daily. Our children really enjoy the animals, the food and the many outdoor activities of this beautiful country environment. Gumboots and Grasshoppers is just like a second home for our whanau and I am thankful the children have the opportunity to enjoy their pre- school years here.

Chris S

The best decision I made was moving my daughter to Gumboots and Grasshoppers. The teachers are very welcoming and loving. It is a warm and nurturing environment which makes it easy to  leave my daughter each and every day.  We love the family atmosphere, quality education and amazing resources. The outdoor area is fantastic and my daughter absolutely loves it! Highly Recommended  Gumboots and Grasshoppers.


Our son moved to Gumboots and Grasshoppers when he was three (they had just opened). Best decision we could have made! The staff are amazing, the new premises have the most fantastic outdoor play area and our little guy is developing quickly and learning so many new things. We highly recommend Gumboots and Grasshoppers - wish there were more Centres like it available for all kids to experience.


My son has been part of the Gumboots & grasshoppers family since the day the doors opened. Throughout his time he has bloomed into a happy confident child who absolutely loves going to daycare. Gumboots offers an amazing, inviting environment and nurturing caring teachers who are passionate about what they do.

Jess N

Our daughter has been so happy at gumboots and grasshoppers! Drop offs are made easy by knowing she’s in such great hands with people who genuinely care. Looking forward to our littlest one starting there soon.


The thing I love about gumboots and grasshoppers is that my precious girl isn't just treated as a number, I feel like the teachers have a genuine interest in her and what she enjoys doing. The family atmosphere is welcoming and I feel like my opinions and ways of doing thing as a parent are respected. 

Hannah V

Fantastic new early education Centre in semi-rural area, with large outdoor area, vege gardens and animals. Fun, friendly staff and management, very approachable and caring. Great equipment and activities, my child loves going there!


Gumboots is a standout daycare operation who have highly talented and engaged staff that genuinely care for your children and their learning.


My kids really enjoy coming to Gumboots and Grasshoppers. The outside play area is phenomenal! So much room for the kids to explore and play. I find the staff/manager/owners are friendly and welcoming and they communicate well with parents/caregivers. I feel comfortable leaving my children knowing that they are well looked after and in a place that they want to be.

Michelle M

I feel very fortunate to have my infant daughter enrolled with Gumboots and Grasshoppers, I was initially hesitant; as I'm sure most parents are when they return to work, but I have had nothing but empathetic reassurance. I am overjoyed that Ruby is being nurtured by kind and wonderful teachers, who work hard to form secure attachments. After just a few short weeks I am  seeing positive changes and a willingness from Ruby to interact with people in situations where she would have previously shied away. It's never easy to leave your child, but I do so with genuine confidence that she is safe,  happy and engaged at Gumboots & Grasshoppers.